Addis Ababa Network of PLHIV Association (ANOPA+) is founded by 5-committed associations & legally registered with Ministry of Justice on April 11/2007, Currently the organization registered by the Ethiopian Charities and Society Agency on Feb 02/2010.

  • ANOPA + is an indigenous, non-profit making civil society organization
  • It was founded and registered as ”Addis Keviresu Gar Yeminoru Mahiberat Timiret /AKYMT/” in April 2007 by five committed PLHIV associations
  • Became fully functional starting from November,2007.
  • Finally Re-registered by Charities and Societies Agency on may/2019.
  • Currently the network  member associations are 15 in number
  • The 15 associations embrace 19,509 PLHIV within them
  • Of the 15 associations, 12 of them are deploying 871 community volunteers working on ART literacy and education
  • Working on 63 HF (ACM and AS) by assigning 142 ACM and AS(95& 47 consecutively)
  • Directly or indirectly, the 19,509 PLHIVs are benefiting from their respective associations
  • Currently the network includes 15 member associations
  • 12 member associations are currently  implementing Global fund New funding Model
  • 861 (M=87 F=773) volunteers are currently working in eight Associations
  • 24,000 PLHIVs are directly involved.